Why Choose Contemporary Italian Artists?

ImageJust Art has been queried many times about its focus on Modern and Contemporary Italian Artists. The gallery response is based on both fact and the historical depth pertaining to all the arts, Italy has one of the world’s richest art heritages in fact, according to UNESCO, Italy is home to 60% of all the art in the world and 30% of that resides in Florence. Italy also has the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, 47 of them to be exact. In fact, 80% of all stolen art on a yearly basis is Italian art. The country hosts 6000 archeological sites and loses roughly a museum’s worth of art every year to thieves.

Italy experienced for more than 2000 years migrations and invasions and, was divided into many independent states. This gave Italy one of the richest art legacies in the world. The country inherited a great diversity of civilizations and with those, numerous periods of art, which are heavily patronized worldwide. Italy unified relatively late, in 1861, and because of this has an enormously rich cultural heritage made up of customs and traditions from the many regions. This allowed Italy to contribute immensely to the cultural and historical heritage of Europe.

Clearly Italians know what they are doing when it comes to art. They live and breathe 2000 years of history everyday. They walk by ancient walls, gaze upon fascinating rooftops and cupolas from their office windows or homes as an everyday occurrence. There is more “eye candy” in Italy than Miami Beach.


Just Art has recognized this cultural heritage and is focused on promoting the unbridled artistic talent residing in Italy; art did not stop after the Renaissance in fact, art has been the cultural turning point of every decade. Nowhere in the world is there such a concentration of talent. Do we need to mention Ferrari, Alta Moda, cuisine, jewelry designing and manufacturing, the silk trade of the northern regions, architecture, comics, literature, motion pictures, music, science and technology, sculpture and visual arts?

Just Art Gallery focuses on contemporary art but includes modern Italian masters and grand masters along with their European and American artists. The goal is to make the gallery a destination experience where one can go spend the day browsing the art books and general catalogs of many of the Italian masters and grand masters while seated outside in the courtyard under an umbrella sipping an espresso or a glass of wine or even a handmade fruit soda from the Cuban Revolution. The Plant is a wonderful environment for all, not just the many artists and clothes designers who live and work there in fact, that was one of the many reasons the gallery decided to open its doors at The Plant, it is a cultural hub for art.