Art, from the Beginning of Time

There is no better way to escape the world than through art and yet, it is also the most secure and strongest link to the world.

Our ancestors invented art over 35,000 years ago but it was an art meant to communicate and was devoid of religious codification. The extraordinary images of Altamira and Lascaux, the same that made Picasso exclaim, “After Altamira all is decaying,” or those other exceptional figures carved into wood and stone by the aborigines and prehistoric peoples were not just simple decorations but a means to communicate with the spiritual forces, points of contact between life and death of this world and the unfathomable world beyond.

In this perspective, strongly negated by a more materialistic than spiritual modernity, art was and has remained the only human invention that brings from the physical world to the eternal empire, a mystery coinciding with art itself.


Piero della Francesca


Every art critic or curator should center their research and conjecture in an expressive direction and precise philosophy. The curator for Just Art works around two themes, Beauty and Tradition in the new,  modern-day times. Beauty is not meant just as an esthetic factor but as an ethical and spiritual category, courier of the mystery that sends us back to the original enigma of heaven invoked by our ancestors. Tradition of the new, an oxymoron, is a fundamental characteristic in all art, of all times and particularly, in Italian art.

Through the centuries the shapes used to represent reality have always been the typical bodies, objects, and landscapes but always transfigured by artists into eternal images, loaded with a strong force and new emotions, yet always renewing.



Believe it or not, this was done over 500 years ago and looks as contemporary as art produced today. This is the history and tradition of art.

Thus, grand masters of our times join the young or old emerging and established artists and may begin their journey accompanied by traditions without time yet supplied with contemporary sensibility with Just Art Gallery.