The Artists’ Sacrifices for Just Art

Pillino Donati

Pillino Donati

Our Italian and European artists are making huge  sacrifices to bring their works to the United States. There is an ocean in-between, horrific shipping costs, customs fees, Italian fine art regulatory laws and international phone bills that   would discourage most from even attempting the risk. Add to that consignment and framing (because Italian-made frames dance circles around the ones made in the US), all these out-of-pocket expenses for our European friends are more than most could withstand. In fact, Just Art’s decision to bring artists over to the United States comes with heavy responsibilities and expenses; just imagine sending art back to an artist where they have duty to pay, value taxes and fiscal fiascos to manage and, the gallery has to ship and pack the works as if they were going to go through WWIII.

ImportingFor some artists, their works are very personal, similar to having a pet or a child. They cannot let go of these easily and putting an ocean between them is tantamount to tearing their heart out. For others, the piece is important during the creation and formation and upon completion the significance is over so separation is not a problem. Nonetheless for a gallerist it is crucial to be sensitive to this issue and treat both artist and works of art with reverence at all times. Thus, it is with great pride we present these artists and their works and bring them over for solo exhibits. Our focus is ours alone making us one of the first and only galleries in the United States to cater almost solely to Italian and European artists.

autostrada_duecorsie Our collection represents years of close contact with the artists. Italy is a small country but it is compact and fraught with travel issues, there are so many places where the roads are as they were hundreds of years ago, repaved but still winding torturous and slow (unless you have a Ferrari). The Alps cut the country in the form of a cross; east to west across the northern portion then north to south slicing through from Bologna to Abruzzo.  16595756-long-winding-road-through-italian-mountains-landscape-view-from-above
The time traveling to visit each artist in their surroundings, in their studios is worth every headache that comes with driving in Italy. The agreements one makes while in the studio are priceless, the energy, the soul of the environment all come into play; things occur while under the spell of that artist in his or her environment. These are the memories we take away and bring to the gallery and then try to impart when talking about the various works.

At Madonna di Campiglio

At Madonna di Campiglio

The time and experiences we dedicated to them in Italy lives in us allowing us to mirror the spirit of what is behind the works and to present a gallery with an Italian flair as well as European know-how and class. This method today, in these times, is not always possible for many galleries in fact, due to the size of the United States, not many can just run off and visit one of their artists in Arizona if the gallery is on the east coast. Thus, what is truly missing with many galleries is this close and almost spiritual exchange with the artist and their works.          

Viviani's Mountains

Viviani’s Mountains

  Just Art is happy to share our knowledge and our numerous books available for perusal and research. The environment at the gallery is relaxed, we have chairs and an umbrella outside in the courtyard of the Plant (among the many chairs and tables of the artists who live and work in this creative environment) and hope to make our gallery a destination experience, a place to come and stay warm on cold and gloomy days, or stay cool on hot summer days. Come find your escape and dream world among the many works presented.  

With Matthias Brandes

With Matthias Brandes

In Luca's studio

In Luca’s studio


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