May Exhibits


Abstract & Conceptual Art – Italian, European and American artists.

This collective exhibits works from Just Art’s collection of artists. These talented well established, grand masters and emerging artists have created strong works that embrace abstract and conceptual art in its purest form. The works display color and form and material to support the subject of the abstract painting. Some of these works are purely geometric while others are more fluid and, some are representations of emotions or a spiritual experience where detail is eliminated from discernable objects, leaving the viewer with just the essence or in some cases, some measure or visible form.

Many conceptual art works set out to be controversial, seeking to challenge and probe us about what we tend to take as, given in the domain of art. In fact, this aspect of inducing argument and debate lies at the very heart of what it is trying to do, namely to make us question our assumptions about what may qualify as art, and the function of the artist as well as, what our role as spectators should involve, and how we should relate to art. Conceptual art can cause frustration or displeasure, proposing difficult and sometimes annoying questions, and that is precisely what conceptual art tries to do. In reacting strongly to conceptual art we are, playing right into its hands.

These artists deploying different techniques such as, Minimalism, Installation, Performance Art and so forth, seek to re-interpret what Pop artists presented in a disorganized manner without any foundation in art theory. By defining the concept of an object in various ways, and through linguistic presentation and written explanations, they have questioned the very essence and nature of art, its mental and imagined aspects being of no consequence.

The works on display are strong in a language and concept, going beyond the surface into two dimensions to find the implied right and wrong in each of us. The works presented are from the most current and popular artists in Italy. One of our latest discoveries from the United States joins the Italian team expressing his talent in a mental process of creating what is true and false in the messages of reality.


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