June Calendar

June 13th – June 23rd Oxygenation
by Andrea Viviani Reception – June 13th 5pm – 9pm
The artist is about spontaneous architecture, without rails, without roads or constraints, between utopia and play. He is made of suspended fairytales, shadows, light, color and passing time and one can see the influences of our great masters, Picasso, Roger Capron, Riccardo Schweizer and Bruno Saetti throughout his pieces. He re-sculpts the surface with the ever-breathing Viviani colors, leaving us in our own vibrating vortex of color and pleasure.
His early works clearly show the ideogram of cubism translated into modern day language and his ceramic sculptures reflect Capron’s talented use of color, biomorphic shapes using bright and colorful glazes as well as difficult raku techniques. Viviani is the master joker as if in a fairytale or comic book, irony, reality and energy all dressed up in the surreal.
“Remember, the work of art is a sum of errors. Just paint!” Riccardo Schweizer
Viviani was born in Tione (a town nestled in the mountains of Trento Italy), July 17th, 1970. He did his university studies at Venezia as well as in Trento where he graduated with a degree in political science, 1997. From 1994 to 2004 he shared his artistic interests through a profound friendship with artist Riccardo Schweizer. Upon the advice of Schweitzer, in 2001 he moved to Vallaurise, France to apprentice in the atelier of Schweizer’s good friend, Roger Capron (who was a very close friend with Picasso). In 2002 he opened his own studio in Madonna di Campiglio where he formed connections with art galleries, architects and designers. From January 2007 he worked with Il Sole 24 Ore, publishing elaborated photos and images of his works for the section, “Project Manager.” As of today, his works can be found in the Museum of Ceramics of Cielle di Castellamonte, Torino and at the Keramik Museum Westerwaldmuseum of Hohr-Grenzhausen, Koblenz, Germany.

Art & Sangria Please mark your calendars for our next Art & Sangria that will be May 31st.


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